Sterling House Of Arvada - Don't put your loved one in this so-called Assisted Living!

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Save your money and find some place that CARES.These people DON'T.

My mother has been there over a year and now they are kicking her out because she is more high spirited than some of the other residents. Just because she is NOT in a wheel chair, parked in the lobby and staring at the floor, dribbling on herself, they don't want to deal with her. She has a habit of wanting to walk around and get some exercise, but most everybody there eats dinner and then goes to bed. They should be used to dealing with the elderly and provide them with things to do and places to go so they don't get bored.

Shame on them for kicking my mother out of the place that she has just gotten used to. Now she will be more confused than ever, thanks to this facility that is SUPPOSED to be for ASSISTED LIVING. That is what ASSISTED LIVING means. But all they did was take my mother's life savings and provide as little as possible.

No wonder most elderly people would rather pass away than deal with these places. You work hard your whole life, just so places like this can TAKE YOUR MONEY WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING. If I could, I would take my mother into my own home, but with the care she needs, you don't have any other choice but to put your loved one in a facility that all but IGNORES them.

Like I said, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND CHOOSE SOMEWHERE ELSE.Do your homework and make sure that you know what kind of place your loved one is going to.

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Myz mother died of UNDIAGNOSED vascular dementia.She was in a veterans nursing home in Colorado for 4 years.

She was also thrown out fir behavior.

Colorado needs to investigate to turn the lawyers loose on these operators.New Mexico did and things changed!

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